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I'm a student and I need to delete old courses , How to do this??


please I need help, I have finished many courses and I want to delete them 

could you please make it possible for students to do this? 

thank you



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    Daniel Scinto Official comment

    Hi Emtenan,

    Thanks for reaching out to the Schoology Community. I recommend contacting your teachers for the courses you would like to leave. Here is more information about Leaving a Course or Group.


    Dan  |  Schoology Community Advisor

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    Dr. Hall


    Your answer seems simple enough, but I am a teacher who has a lot of students still enrolled in courses in Schoology from several years ago, including cases where the teachers are no longer teaching and have left the field of education all together. I highly doubt these former teachers are going to login to Schoology (now several years later) and delete students from their old classes. And this is a problem for students because there are old, "dead" classes in their Schoology accounts. Wouldn't it be better to allow students to withdraw themselves from classes that are no longer active so they have control over what shows up in their own accounts? There has to be a better way. Even a lot of current teachers don't go back and delete students because they stopped using Schoology or just created new sections or even new courses. But students are helpless.

    If you have any contact with the people who oversee Schoology, please ask them to consider allowing students to withdraw from courses without going through teachers, perhaps by using a required deadline for the end of a course or something like that. Thanks so much!

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    Charles Black

    Hello Dr. Hall,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience regarding this issue. We apologize if this issue has caused any frustration for you or you students. 

    Please let your students know that for now, they can reach out to our Support Team by visiting: - and we will help them if they are stuck in inactive courses.

    I highly recommend that you consider sharing your post as a Feature Idea. Feature Ideas are reviewed by our team and taken into consideration for our Product Roadmap.

    Thanks again for sharing your questions and feedback.

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    Dr. Hall


    Thank you for your response. I will suggest this as a feature idea, and I will notify my students that for the time being they can contact support to be removed from old classes that teachers are no longer actively teaching.


    Brian Hall

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