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I have an account for my child and tried to set up another account for another child at a different school


It won't let me set up another account for my child who is at a different school saying the email is already being used. I tried using two different emails and it keeps saying the emails are already used. How do I set up my second child?



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    Chris McKay

    The other school has to be using schoology and they will set up the account for the child and send the information to you.

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    bridget knapp

    they sent me the code but when i try to add the child the box says that the email is already being used and you have to set up an entire new account if you have another school??

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    Charles Black

    Hello Bridget,

    I apologize if this issue has caused you any inconvenience. I am going to create a ticket for this issue and follow-up with you directly via email.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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