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Can schoology print out a class roster/grade report?
I'd like a hard copy of my entire class with their current overall grade.



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    Chris McKay

    You can generate reports for each student (but the font size is too small to read unless you copy and paste it into a word document that doubles the font size to 12) The only work around I could figure out was to highlight the name, overall grade and semester grade on as many students that show on one screen of the grade book, then cut and paste it into a word doc and repeat until you have the whole class. But this wastes a lot of paper because it puts each piece of info an a separate line. You could edit it back to a useful page but that seems like a lot of extra work for something that should be a basic part of any grading program, like seating charts and blank grade sheets (Oh wait this doesn't do those either!).

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    Emily Kosmack

    How is this not a thing? 

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    Luanne Malnory

    We really need a way to print an assignment report for each class. It should look like the grading page.

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