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Communication between Sections?


Good afternoon!
I teach 4 sections of the same class. I would like to keep them separate for organization purposes. However, I like to promote communication in my classes. Is there a way to allow students to communicate with each other yet remain in separate sections? If homework questions can be answered by classmates, I reward that. Thank you!



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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hello Mrs. Sciegaj,

    I’m really excited to see that you are promoting collaboration in your classes! The easiest way to set up communication between different sections is to create a Shared Discussion.

    Here are quick steps to get you started: (IMPORTANT NOTE: You cannot share a Graded Discussion!)

    1. Click Add Materials
    2. Choose: Add Discussion
    3. At the bottom of the ‘Create Discussion’ window in the Advanced section, hover over the icons until you find ‘Shared Discussion’. (it’s the second to last icon)
    4. Click: Shared Discussion and you will see a list of available sections with which you can share the discussion.
    5. Select the lucky sections that get to participate and click “Create’.
    6. That’s it!

    Your Shared Discussion will automatically show up in the designated sections and you’ll have independent control over things like Visibility and Individually Assign for each section in which you’ve shared the discussion. Additionally, you can set a password for your Shared Discussion (but you don’t have to), in case you’d like to share it with with other teachers and their classes. All you do is provide the Share ID (found inside the discussion) along with the password and they can jump into the discussion too!

    Here’s a quick video of these steps for visual context:

    I hope that Shared Discussions get your students interacting and collaborating more than EVER! If you have any other questions about this process, please click 'Submit a request' at the top of this page to open a ticket.

    Thank you!

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    Terri Rodriguez

    When I try to access this option I receive the message 'Sharing is not currently available for linked sections.'  How do have a shared discussion between sections of a single course?

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