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master calendar - delete option


When you click on something on the master calendar, we have 3 options: view, edit or cancel.

PLEASE add a delete item button. It is a pain to delete something on the calendar!



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    Robert Cabral Official comment

    Hi Karen,

    While you can delete individual events from the calendar, there is not currently a bulk delete option, unfortunately.

    You might consider adding your feedback to a similar topic on our Community Feature Requests forum:

    When you upvote an idea, you let us know that the feature is important to you, and our Development Team takes these suggestions into consideration when planning improvements to Schoology.

    You can also follow the topic to receive an email notification if there are any changes.

    If you have any questions, please let us know.


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    Wendy Caliguire

    My students would like their assignments to delete off the calendar when they submit their assignment. This allows them to have a feeling of accomplishment as they see the assignments disappearing and it helps them to see CLEARLY what is left. I have students thinking they have finished all their assignments when they have not, all because they can't see which ones were completed and which ones weren't. This is creating more unneeded work for everyone. Thank you for considering this idea.

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    Karen Proehl

    Hi Robert,

    I am not sure if there is an easier way to delete - at the moment you have to go into the assignment which means you leave the calendar and have to reclick on home and then calendar to get back. I was looking for a quick way to delete one thing from the calendar like google calendar has - a delete button right there.

    Is there an easier way I do not know about? Thanks for the feedback.

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    Anna Jagielski

    How do you delete an individual item from the calendar?

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    Jennifer Rogstad

    I do not see a way to delete an item from the calendar either. :(


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    Charles Black

    Hi Jennifer,

    To delete an event on a calendar, you must be the creator of that event. Here are the steps to delete a calendar event:

    • - Enter the Calendar
    • - Click on the event
    • - Click 'View Item'
    • - Click the gear icon to the right
    • - Select Delete

    More details regarding calendar events are available here:

    Thank you!

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