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Does Schoology have the ability to curve?


I am trying to figure out whether I have the ability to have my test automatically grade on a curve? I only see where I can override the grade but I do not want to have to go in each student and do this. I do not see where I can use the scales provided to do this.



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    Robert Cabral Official comment

    Hi Selene,

    Unfortunately, we do not currently support the ability to curve grades within Schoology. Manually overriding grades, as you mentioned, would be the best alternative.

    I've moved your request to our Community Feature Requests Forum so that other users can vote for your idea and share their feedback. Our development team takes these suggestions into consideration when planning new changes in Schoology.

    If you have any other questions about this, please let us know.


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    Skip Adamson

    It would be an easy fix if you just let us change the point value without changing the already inputed scores.  That is the most basic of curves and it is a MUST have in any grade calculating program.

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    WOW! I just started using this platform.  I was actually quite impressed.  I am on board, BUT I just gave my first math test and have now discovered this SERIOUS issue.  As an Accelerated Math teacher, this is a MAJOR problem.  The tests are designed to be quite challenging.  My highest score was a 54% and I CANNOT CURVE THE TEST.  If LAUSD expects us to use this, then there need to be a  fix ASAP. I assign a redo that is a guaranteed 20 points in the test category and I need each test to be weighted at a 100 points and the redos at 20 points all in the test category that is weighted as 40% of their grade.  HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Adam Sheridan

    Agreed.  This is a hinderance.

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    Charles Black

    Hello All,

    Please support this Feature Idea with an upvote for adding curved grading to Schoology. Make your voice heard and keep an eye on our Product Roadmap for new features coming soon to Schoology.

    Thank you!

    Edited by Charles Black
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    Michael McCay

    Charles Black: The curved grading feature is NOT on your road map.


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    Charles Black

    Hello Michael,

    Please observe the guidelines for Feature Ideas in the Community here:

    "Even seemingly simple product ideas may be more complex than you might expect or may wait in line as part of a larger development schedule.  Please be patient.."

    Please make sure you support the Feature Idea I linked to in my previous comment in this thread.

    Thank you!


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    Amy Johnson

    I see this being requested since 2014. I really do like using Schoology, but this would be a great change.

    Edited by Amy Johnson
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