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I already went online and created a profile. It never asked if I was a student, teacher or parent. During the registration process it asked to find my school. Upon doing so, it said I could not register without a code. My school provided the code, and through searching the help I see what to do, but no where from my profile can I find where to align my profile with the code provided. How do I get the access code assigned to my profile?


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    Kelsey Collins Official comment

    Hi Fred,

    When you log on to and click Sign Up, you should see three options - Teacher, Student, or Parent.

    If you are a teacher, go ahead and click Teacher and fill out the rest of your personal and school information.

    Then, once you have registered, create a course by clicking Courses>Create. Once you have created the course, you will see your Course Access Code in the green box under the Members tab. You can share this with your students.

    Then, your students can sign up by going to, clicking Sign Up, selecting Student, and entering the Course Access Code that you have shared with them.

    I hope this helps. If you have additional questions about this process, please let me know!


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