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Assigning a quiz to an individual student


Is there a way to reassign an already created quiz to individual students? I created a quiz and assigned it to my different classes. Now however, I need to reassign the quiz to students who missed the deadline for a variety of reasons. I can't find clear directions on how to do this. Thank you in advance for your assistance.



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    Alison Elmhorst

    anyone know how? I'm looking to do the same

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    Caroline Avila

    I am interested too. I kind of know how but it seems that every time I do something different to make it work. I would really like clear instructions.

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    Julie Gutzwiller

    Go to the quiz and when you click edit (like you would to edit the name of the quiz). You will see an icon with three dots, hover over it and it will say individually assign. Click on those dots and it will pop up with a spot for you to enter individual students names. Be aware, it will look like other student scores have disappeared but they have not. When students are finished just x out their name in the same screen you assigned them in and all the scores will pop right back up.

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