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See Grading Category averages in Gradebook


Presently it is only possible to view the averages of Grading Categories by exporting or printing the exams. It would be very helpful (for staff at my school at least) to have an option to see each grading category average in the gradebook.



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    Charles Black Official comment

    Hello All,

    Very happy to let you know that viewing Grading Categories Scores in the gradebook is now LIVE!!!

    For full details, visit:

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    Ms. McKay

    Yes, please! My school uses "process' and 'performance' categories, and we need to record those separately on the report cards. So having the ability to view the category averages would be very helpful! It would also be nice to be able to view or hide all of the averages (saving screen real estate as you grade).

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    Tom Horsley

    This is also a necessary feature at our school. This feature use to exist, I don't understand why it went away.

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    Dr. Pfau

    The students can see category averages when they view their grades, why can't we?  Very annoying!

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    Eric Hall

    YES, please! Right now we have to manipulate category weights (to 100%) temporarily in order to see Category averages.

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