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Equation typing in Quizzes: Fill in the blank


I love that students can get to the math type feature in short answer, but I really need a program that allows the students to type mathematics for the short answer. Could you add the rich text feature to the fill in the blank?



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    Mr. Tam

    I would also like to be able to use the math editor for multiple choice/matching questions. So far, I can only use math equations in the question.

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    David Kalk

    Any time students are asked to enter text, they need to be able to rich-text including symbols and equations. This is imperative for subjects like math and science.

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    Matt Feiling

    Please look into adding this

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    Mrs. Demumbreum

    This is a much needed feature for scientific equations. It would be great to be able to add subscripts like for the carbon dioxide molecule: CO2

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    Mrs. Marshaleck

    Please add an ability to type exponents.


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    Matthew Hardie

    We need math equation in both the fill in the blank and short answer parts on the iPad. Are we supposed to be able to have students use equation on the short answer part with the check box for "Rich Text" because it does not show up.

    We are fighting with our district to attempt to get a math keyboard app for students to write text. It is really an unnecessary battle considering you already have the ability for equation editor. Why not just put it in?

    Is there a reason for equation editor not being available on the short answer AND fill in the blank sections? What do we need to do to make this a priority for the developers? I know I speak on behalf of the other 11 math teachers in my building and probably across the district when I say that the inability to write mathematical language for answers inhibits both the students and teacher. I cannot even ask questions that require mathematical notation because they cannot write it. We would not expect an English class to have a keyboard without punctuation; so why are we doing the same thing with math?

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    David Jara

    I guess I have the same question is there a way students can enter or type in expression on fill-in the blank questions

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