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Calendar reminders


I would like the calendar to have a reminder feature similar to the Google calendar where you can enter an item and set a time for the reminder about the item to go out (from 15 min to a week before that item is due). It would also be nice to have the option of the reminder being a pop up or an email.

I run the Calendar for a club and enter the dates up to a year in advance. The kids get the reminder when it is created but it would be nice if I could set a reminder to go out as an email (so the kids do not have to turn on or off notifications on their phone) right before the event.



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    Don Curtis

    I agree! Reminders could even have settings where they are sent to the whole group that is included in the calendar, or just to the group admin or course instructor, or to any combination of members. We should have the option to send the reminders to their schoology account, so that it pops up when they log in, or to the email address linked to the member.
    So I guess this isn't an answer, but more of a "Here, here!"

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    Mrs. Hutton

    Totally agree! 

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    Don Curtis

    Another calendar feature that I'd love to see (and is totally stolen from Google) is an option to repeat entries at set intervals.  Daily, weekly, monthly, and custom settings like Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, or something like that.  Or just to simply set up an automatic link with a google calendar so that I'm only entering things once in one place.  There's already a Google Drive link, so why not?

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