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Transfer student and their grades from one course to another


Transfer a student and their grades from one course to another during a marking period.



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    Elizabeth Suchanski

    Yes! This should also allow the assignment submissions to transfer, too.

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    Schoology Admin

    Yes please! We use the Senior Systems integration, and would love for Schoology to automatically transfer grading information when we make a schedule change in Senior Systems.

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    Audrey Langley

    Grades and assignments need to follow the student. When you have over a dozen students shifting at one given time, it's an unrealistic burden on the teacher to re-enter all the information. 

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    Mr. Wood

    It is exceptionally frustrating as a System Admin to be confronted with the fact that there is no option available to transfer a student's grade data when he changes a class within the same subject - eg one Mathematics class to another.

    Exporting existing grade data as a CSV and then reimporting it into the new course is not efficient as a solution and is the source of real frustration among the staff at my school.

    There needs to less of an emphasis on each course being a silo and the incorporation of options like this to make things simpler for teachers. Presently, this lack of such a feature only adds an unnecessary layer of complexity to the administration of the LMS platform for staff and administrators.

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    Ben Bohmfalk

    I'm surprised Schoology hasn't addressed this issue yet. When a student moves from one section to another, which is a common occurrence, the teacher still has to manually add them back to the old section, then either manually enter grades into the new section, or export/import and manipulate a csv file to make it work. Either way, their assignment submissions, feedback, and rubrics are stuck in the old section, even when sections are linked and assignments are identical. Schoology, please address this so when a student is moved to a new section of a course, their submissions and data move with them. This approach is very clunky:

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