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Attendance needs functionallity


Attendance reporting BY DAY and (soon) BY PERIOD is needed.

Right now when you run an EXPORT from the home page as an admin, you get a CSV of all attendance changes. Without a link between attendance and our SIS, a secretary will need to sort a (and it will get very large) spreadsheet to properly get the information to the State. We'd like to see an option to filter by date at the time of report creation.

Notification if a teacher does not take attendance is needed.

Not knowing if a homeroom (1st period) teacher submitted attendance makes attendance reporting nearly worthless. While we see a value in defaulting students present, there's no indicator if a teacher submits without making changes. Can we see in the report who actually submitted attendance that day (asked by another user)?

Auto-reporting by classroom/school through EMail or Message is needed.

An auto report based on period times would be wonderful (asked by another user).



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    Erika Bowen

    In addition to all of your excellent suggestions above, we would also love to have the ability for teachers to see if a student has been marked absent in any other class that day!

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    Connie Wessner

    Agree entirely with these suggestions and Erika Bowen's below!

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    David Fremo

    It appears that the second (and perhaps third) point made here have been requested more often than not in the past. Some sort of immediate notification of taking attendance is standard with every SIS I have worked with, previously. It is a very disappointing that there has been, ostensibly, no effort to address this matter. This feature would save many wasted hours of labor on the part of school staff tracking down and ensuring that teachers have taken attendance.

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    Ms. White

    So sad that this is not higher on the priority list. It seems the technology is already there... they should be able to develop this in a short amount of time :(

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    Seth Dimbert

    This is a critical need.

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