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Setting a "Late" penalty


When students submit work late or access work after the due date, wouldn't it be nice if Schoology automatically docked points or a percentage based on Teacher preference?



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    Mr. Maas

    I was wondering about this too. It would beat having to set it up in my rubric every time.

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    Dr. Blair

    This would be very useful - so that when you do grade the assignment, it automatically calculates the late penalty based on what you said the late penalty would be when designing the assignment. For example, if you said they would lose 1% per day, then you would grade a paper, give it 80, and if it was 2 days late, the system would automatically adjust to provide a grade of 78, but somehow also show them what their grade WAS and what it is  now as a result of the late penalty. There would also need to be the option to just click something to waive the late penalty for cases where extensions have been provided, etc. This would be particularly useful for anything that grades itself, so that it would remain available for them to do, but automatically add a late penalty when it's graded

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    I really would appreciate this option.  It would be nice if the grade was docked a percentage that we could set (example: 10% flat or 10% for each day late) and then have the assignment automatically tagged with a note saying the grade was reduced because it was late.

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