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Allow Quizzes to pull 'X' Random Questions from Question Bank of 'Y'


Similar to randomizing the order of questions in a test, it would be great to be able to randomly populate the quiz from a question bank.

Example: I fill the quiz with 40 practice questions. I specify that the quiz should display 15 questions, which are randomly selected from those 40. Then, when I have the quiz set to multiple attempts, each attempt will feature different questions for the students to give them many chances to practice or measure their performance.



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    Sora Kim Official comment

    Hi Jeff and Bob,
    Thank you for the feedback. This feature is in our current roadmap and we are looking to release this by Fall of this year.

    Thank you,

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    Bob Snoke

    Many other LMS have this feature and it helps with mastery of topics such as basic arthmetic

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