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We currently use google calendars in our school district to communicate with parents and for teacher use.. Since many of us are managing multiple calendars, is there a way for me to import my calendar I use for my course currently on Google to the Schoology calendar? Will I be able to add/remove/edit events through my Google calendar and it update automatically on the Schoology calendar? Basically- I'm trying to link the two until our district is ok with us not using the Google calendar. Otherwise, I will be updating two calendars with the exact same dates.... Thanks!



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    Nicholas Grant Official comment

    Hi Liz,

    Thank you for your question. Yes, you can import the calendar you use for your course on Google to the Schoology calendar. To import a calendar into the Schoology calendar, you will have to click on the import area at the bottom of the calendar. However, once you add a Google calendar, the changes you make through your Google calendar will not update automatically to Schoology.

    You can work around this by using your Schoology iCal link and add it to the Google calendar so that Schoology events are added to the Google calendar on an on-going basis.

    Here is the link to an existing, popular Community thread with the feature request for a 2-way sync that you can upvote:

    When users upvote an idea, they let us know that the feature is important to them, and our Development team takes these suggestions into consideration when planning improvements to Schoology.

    Hope this helps!



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    Mike Shumake

    "However, once you add a Google calendar, the changes you make through your Google calendar will not update automatically to Schoology."

    So, in fact, no. No, they do not have this functionality. Not yes, but no.

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    Stu Dent

    So this is March of 2017. How is this going? 

    Everyone is going toward Google Calendar. I don't think you're getting many "up" votes because once they realize your calendar doesn't sync (and by "sync," I mean "automatically update") with the Google calendar, they don't even give you a shot.

    Schoology is close to perfect except for this. But this is a deal breaker.

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    Professor Cachinero

    I agree. The lack of a task list and calendar integration functionality makes this a deal breaker for me.

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    Lily Montes

    Still nothing? This feature is preventing me from using Schoology. When will it be available?

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    Curtis Menke

    Trying to manage college rep visits, scholarship updates, and other school counseling events in two places at once. 

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    David Phillip

    I'm trying to do the same thing.. can we get any clarity if this function will become available?

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    Charles Black

    Hello All,

    Please add your support for this Feature Idea for calendar sync enhancements in Schoology. Upvoting this idea will let our Team know how important this feature is to you. 

    Thank you!

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    JR Bocian

    It would make my life so much easier if you could look into adding this feature within Schoology.  

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    Marcus Young

    Please! So many schools use the Google Calendars and even more now since the integration of Google Classroom into school systems.

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