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Missing Assignments Report


We would like to see, in the weekly email sent to parents, as well as a report that can be generated, missing assignments for each class in the current grading period.

We would like to automate the communication to parents regarding assignments that have been given a 0 or No Credit (NC). The correlation between assignments completed (Formatively) and success with assessments (Summatively) is essential and being able to show parents on reports or the weekly email will aid us immensely.

Thank you for considering this feature request.



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    Mr. Anderson

    We would also like to generate a missing scores report for a class. Thank you for your assistance.

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    His Lordship, The King

    I see there has been no activity on this topic. Still hoping for missing assignment reports and ability to mark assignments as late, with a grade.

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    Mr. Anderson

    Has there been any progress on this issue?  I have several teachers requesting the ability to generate a list of missing scores for their courses.

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    Sharon Thierfelder

    Yes - we have teachers who would love to see this as well. They are accustomed to more robust reporting from when they used the SIS gradebook. Since they began using the Schoology gradebook their report capabilities have diminished, making it more difficult to have conversations in PLC using a standard reporting method across teachers or to bring to meetings for some early interventions. They like that they can run a full report, but they also need to be able to run some more drilled down versions as well. 

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