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Student Mastery Report Export and Print Option


Your product is only getting better! I think the Student Mastery Reporting function is going to a very important tool for many institutions.

One thing that it is missing, however, is an export and print option. It would be great to be able to export learning outcome assessment data as a .csv or .xls file for easier upload to institutional and system databases.

A feature like this will differentiate Schoology from other CMSes (and LMSes) out there.




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    Charles Black Official comment

    Printing Student Mastery Reports is available for all Enterprise Schoology users. For more information, please visit:

    Thank you for the feedback and ideas!

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    To add to this from one of our teachers (TEKS refer to our standards here in Texas)...So I have worked really hard to assign TEKS and think it will be cool but think it might be good for kids to see them too so they can keep track of areas they are doing well in or not. Do you know of a way to make it in the Quiz where the TEKS appear?

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    John LaPlante

    Yes! We need this for Standards/Mastery Based report cards and elementary schools.

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    John Eggert

    I completely agree! Every year I give multiple progress monitoring tests to monitor my students as they grow with each standard. Right now I am able to view the results easily with the mastery feature. I would really like to be able to export this information into an Excel document. I like to create a mail merge document that shows how my students are doing with each standard and how they improve. I also use this when I conference with my kids. I was able to view the scores, but I had to enter them into Excel manually. This was very time consuming (about an hour and a half per class). If I could export the scores, it would be a real time saver! PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE.

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    Cosign! Having this data easily manipulable in Excel would make our PLC data analysis meetings run so much more smoothly!

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    Megan Minturn

    This is essential in order to communicate students' progress with families!

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    Audrey Langley

    We need to print Standards/Mastery report cards for high school and vocational. We also need a CSV export of Standards/Mastery to send to our state department.

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    Evan Markowitz

    We also would love this!

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    Our district would LOVE to be able to export and print the reports and not just the raw data.

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