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Add the Blog Function to the App


On the browser-based version of Schoology each profile comes with a "blog" page. This is an excellent tool for personal posts that you don't want in any specific class that features a wide variety of editing options. I used mine very frequently, had many people (over 50 at one point) subscribed, and loved its versatility.

However, I was rather upset when I discovered that this feature is missing in its entirety on the app. My school started using iPads this year for students and everyone has the Schoology app. Sadly, none of them can access the profiles blogs through the app. Although they still could see them in Safari on the Schoology website, I think that that defeats the purpose of having the app.

Activity on my blog is absolutely dead now as I am sure is the case for many others with a similar predicament as I have. This is why I want the Schoology app to be able to access blogs on profiles, make posts, etc. just the web version. This would certainly help many people and without a doubt increase the use of this great part of Schoology.

So what do you say? Let's get the blogs on the app!



  • 2
    Mrs. Page

    agreed. please add the blog function to the app!

  • 3
    Becky Steurrys

    Yes we need this!

  • 3
    Mary Rogers

    Highly consider this function!

  • 1
    Erin Roe



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