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Our school district will not be switching to power school anytime soon. the best way for me to "sell" schoology to my staff (who are under-utilizing it right now) is to have schoology be the "one-stop shop" for grading. For real success, schoology must conect with infinite campus.

I have seen small mentions here and there that schoology is working towards this, but a more comprehensive answer woul help me a lot.



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    Madame Davey

    Agreed! I see just now that there is an app for Infinite Campus to link to Schoology. While this is a good place to start, it is not enough and we need Schoology and Infinite Campus to sync more fluidly. Isn't this possible?

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    Nicole Jensen (Nik)

    Agreed, I can't sell some of my teachers on using Schoology because they say that they already do most of this in Infinite Campus, and they don't want to have to repeat the process.

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    Abby Kahara

    We are IC users as well. What we have been told is that it is IC that is putting the brakes on, not Schoology. Currently IC will not allow any third party to infiltrate their system. Too bad for IC, because this is just going to cause them to be even further in the stone age than they already are!

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    Jacob G.

    I agree with this.

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