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Adding a feature to enable rubrics to be saved



I received the following from one of the staff in my school about not being able to save the rubrics he has created on Schoology. After both of us doing some investigation of the help and discussion topics, it seems this feature is not available.

Here is an extract of the comment I received:

"Interestingly, it seems the assessment rubrics, one of the most important parts of an assignment in my opinion, are still not saved by Schoology.
The question is why or perhaps how.

Does anyone know?

If no, can we get them to include this basic functionality, because I don't want to rewrite rubrics from scratch all the time – I want to tweak and develop – not create from the beginning. I suggested the need to save them as part of the assignment when rubrics were first released, but alas they could not see the benefit."

Is there any possibility of this being considered?


Matthew Wood
School Admin


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    Mr. Fowler

    Thanks Matthew Wood.
    You can now save a rubric which is excellent, however it does not get saved when you save the assignment... You have to remember to do this separately or else the rubric will be lost. I think a lot of users will be caught out by this behaviour. It would be desirable, in my opinion, if the rubric was saved when the assignment was saved, as part of the assignment. Thanks to anyone who reads and implement this request :)

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