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Analysis of "Tagged" assessments/assignments


With the announcement of the Student Mastery reporting we are very excited, once again, that we are part of the Schoology network. We would appreciate you guys considering one very important analytics request. We would like to have the ability to print a report that tabulates the number of assignments respective of the "tag" is has been given.

For example, if the "tag" on the assignment is a school-wide learning objective, a grade level learning objective, and/or a CCSS, we would like to be able to print a report that will allow the school's Professional Learning Community to analyze how many assignments were tagged within each class and grade level. This will help direct resources toward standards and learning objectives which are "weak" in content or number of times assigned throughout a grading period or school year.

Thank you for considering this request. We love Schoology, its continued evolution as one of the best Learning Management Systems, and all of the great people working there.


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