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Please add a reminder for resubmited assignments


When a student resubmits something already graded, it would really help a lot if we could have an specific notification of it. Once graded, yes it shows in the Notifications button, but when being on the section (group) and grading the ungraded assignments, it would be just great to see highlighted if someone resubmitted. Now a days, feedback and requesting from student to Strive for Excellency, is something veeeery important.


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    Jonathan Lyons Official comment


    We have released an update that will send a reminder when an assignment is resubmitted.

    EDIT: This update has been temporarily reverted. We will add a notification here as soon as the feature has been re-enabled.

    EDIT 2: This feature has been re-enabled. If you encounter any issues using the new feature, please let us know by clicking 'Submit a Request' near the top-right of this page.


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