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We very much need grade analytics at a course/teacher/school level to quickly find and troubleshoot problem particular, some way to search for "failing" and "in danger of failing" students for intervention purposes! This is a huge need for both teachers AND administrators looking to step in!



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    Ms. Lee Ann Harrison

    I absolutely LOVE this idea as a way to truly help the students. We use "Interventions" to help the students catch up and to offer additional tutoring, guidance, and coursework. If we have a way to capture this data in a summary, we will be more effective. As a teacher, I want to know about this group of students so that I may reach out. I imagine Administration will find even more value if they are able to view all of the student's coursework at this level to really help with a complete coursework plan.

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    Karen Hobday

    Yes! This is a feature that many grading programs allow as a sorting feature. Must have!

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    Erika Bowen (2297053)

    AND a way for gradebooks to generate reports for just "missing" assignments or zeros- rather than manually having to sort/search through each class and assignment.

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    Andrew Kaufman (Andy)

    This is needed

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    Rachel Advincula

    Exactly! My fully online teachers have used the analytics reports from Blackboard (versions 6 & 7) and Moodle for years. Whenever they had the need to access the information they did. Now they are stuck requesting the information from me. NEEDED, PLEASE!!!!!

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    Jason Kozina

    It would be very helpful to have some administrative reports for student grades.

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    Mr. Rich

    This is currently a very manual process. My teachers export their gradebooks periodically as CSV files and then look for averages across assignments, categories, and the course as a whole... but only those who are comfortable with Excel and spreadsheets in general.

    I've combined some of the commonly-requested views into a Tableau workbook, but that still requires manual export of all the grades in the school, cleaning the data, connecting to it via Tableau...

    Grade Analytics, directly in Schoology, would be a fantastic feature to drive engagement among teachers and students alike. Now that Powerschool's resources are available to the Schoology team, I hope that there can be some collaboration on the presentation and analysis of course data.

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