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Synchronization of Folders


Here's an idea that might have some promise if it is possible.

The idea stems from creating almost a "master folder" of information, but rather copy the folder to courses again and again, like it is now, and then have to delete the duplicated created in each course...maybe folders can be 'linked' or 'synced' in a way (if you want) to the master folder or sub-folder.

The reasoning behind this is because I teach 5 sections under 1 course. When I add something to the resource library, let's say in a folder with new notes or additional notes that I create on the fly, I now need to re-copy the folder to each course to show the added item, and then delete the duplicated folder that was already shared so the students do not get confused.

Might be a long shot, but it does increase workflow and create a more seamless way to update contents of folders in multiple courses and also provide an avenue to control information so each class has exactly the same information if need be.



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    Eric Hall

    When updating a Resource, why not just copy the one item vs. the whole folder?

    That said, it WOULD be nice to have an option to "Copy and replace" items (individually or in bulk.) I picture a checkbox to avoid the duplicates. If not an option, at least a prompt to tell you that an identical item already exists.

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    Stephanie Lutzka

    The idea of a mass copy would be great! Then when I copy the same thing to my 5 different sections, I won't have to individually set the due dates, lock dates, etc. Also, if I find an error in the original, I dislike that I have to go back and fix it and then individually re-copy it to each section and then delete the originals. Please help!

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    Susan Nygaard

    Why can't Schoology create a kind of internal dropbox-like file-syncing ability? Which could be toggle on/off for folks who don't (always) want it. Is this impossible? It would really help folks, especially those with multiple sections of the same course (I imagine that's a lot of us)!

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