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Add Rich Text Editor to Student Discussion responses


I'd love students to be able to use italics, underline, bold, and add blockquotes and images and html embed codes (Youtube iframes, etc) in their forum discussions. These enhance the forums while also enabling students to practice style and correct conventions.

Funny how in Web 1.0, this was the norm--but it's dropped out of the "social" Web 2.0 so much, and that's a shame. "Likes" and "badges" are great, but to me the literacy of formatting and presentation--headers, superscript for footnotes, etc--is far more important.

So please add a rich text option to student discussion posts?

Thank you!



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    Sora Kim Official comment

    Hi Everyone,

    Partial rich-text editor is now available for updates and discussion posts. You’ll be able to use italics, underline, bold, bullet and number lists, change the indent, and spell check.

    Thank you.

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    Jennifer Paulsen

    I would agree a rich text editor is needed! Our math teachers can't use this as effectively because students need to be able to use equation symbols in their discussion. And they can't.

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    Leah Partridge

    Could this feature be added to quiz responses (short answer, true/false, etc.)?

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    Sara Kahle-ruiz

    How do you get that to work because my students are using Paragraphs (I can see them in the email that gets sent to let me know they've posted, yet the paragraphs don't show up in the posting.)

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