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Fill-in-the-Blank Directly


Would it be possible to allow students to click and fill in the blank directly instead of filling it in below the question?



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    Anne Dumontier

    Yes, it would be visually easier for students.

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    Coach Craps

    I would LOVE to see this as well. Teaching Statistics we have to do lots of tables but it is not feasible to do it on Schoology due to the formatting. I get lost when filling in the key at times so I can imagine how a student would do.

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    Erica Chiarkas

    Ugh Why hasn't this been answered by Schoology yet? This would be super helpful.

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    Sean Dagony-Clark

    Please see the attached images to demonstrate our students' experience on a current quiz question.

    Fill is the blank is nearly unusable because the students constantly have to scroll down to click the blank, scroll back up to find the highlight and read the context, scroll down to write the answer, and scroll back up to check it. The attached images take up almost three screens in a browser.

    In other words, they can't simultaneously see the question and their answer. This is cognitively disruptive and a terrible way to assess their understanding. 

    FIX THIS. PLEASE. Or at least respond to this request to explain why you can't.


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    Mr. Maas

    This makes such amazing sense if you can do it.

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