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Set "Show to student" checkbox as default


Perhaps I just have not found it, but it seems that every comment I make on an assignment is for the purpose of letting the student know why s/he received the grade.

Therefore, I have to click this little check box constantly! I wonder if the default can be set to have it always checked, then I would only have to occasionally uncheck it, if needed.

P.S. I'm in the enterprise version.



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    Julie Yoon Official comment

    Hi Jason,

    While this feature isn't currently available on Schoology, I think you have a good idea. I've moved your question to the Community Feature Requests area so that other users can search for and "upvote" your idea!


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    Jason Robertson

    Thanks, Julie!

    Warm regards,

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    Brenda Knobloch

    I totally agree! Please make this a priority!

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    Tammy Tims

    I agree! I spend a lot of time having to click this every time. Would be a HUGE timesaver over months.

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    Mr. Harmon

    Do it!  Please.  

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    Mitch Wasserman

    This request is over 3 years old and still no change to this feature, which is a same. It would save time. And more than just the time involved clicking the box, the real issue is when you forget to check one or two students' boxes and their grade does not appear for them. 

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    Drew Hammond

    Please make this happen asap - there are very few uses of private/hidden comments and teacher are MUCH more likely to use those notes to communicate the rationale for a score to students and parents.

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    Emily Kosmack

    There is literally no bigger frustration of mine in regards to Schoology. I grade hundreds of things a week, working so hard to leave feedback for students...I have to click this hundreds of times...obviously I'll make a mistake here or there...students won't see comments...sometimes on important things they need to's maddening!

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    Shawn Harrel

    While it's not a solution it is a workaround and helps with the speed of grading. After I'm done typing the comments, I do the following keyboard shortcuts to avoid clicking the mouse: I tab with my ring finger, hit the spacebar with my thumb, tab again and hit the spacebar again. Happens in a second and I can get on to all the other clicking I have to do to get through the grades in Schoology.

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