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So grading groups are nice. I can assign an individual assignment to a particular group of students. (read - special needs, advanced students, etc)

Where this falls apart:
Working in groups - if a student is working in a group using project-based learning, or anything where a GROUP is submitting an assignment, it is completely useless because if I apply a grade to one submission, we should be able to have that grade copy to the other members in his group.

PLEASE have a check box that says "GROUP GRADES AND SUBMISSIONS" where the student's submission will automatically be linked to the group, as well as the grade I apply.

Alternately, separate groups so when I apply an assignment, make it "Assign to Groups" where any student who submits it will show up as grading that group, rather than grading the student.

Other than that, it's pretty useless.



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    Michael Indeglio Official comment

    Mr. Pappano,

    Thank you for your request. I think this might be better served in our Community Request Forum. Our Development Team will take the votes of each request into consideration when prioritizing the scheduling of new features.

    You can find the Community Feature Request area at

    Mike I.

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    Michiel van der Blonk

    I would vote against 'group grading', since students work on Schoology individually. Even if they work in groups a group grade will always be unfair for students who work really hard, while other students sometimes don't work at all.

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    Mike Berry

    I would love to see this feature added soon, too!

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    Todd Dannemiller

    I would also like a randomly generated grading group feature!

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    Susan Nygaard

    I agree. This feature needs lots of improvements. Almost seems like it was designed by someone who isn't a teacher, or can't think like one. Sorry to be so blunt, but after using schoology for a few months now, I'm getting pretty frustrated at the lack of common-sense features!

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    Susan Nygaard


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