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Allowing "LATE" and "MISSING" codes in grade fields


In other gradebooks I have used there is an option to mark assignments late or missing. I know there is a comment field, but it is rather time consuming to enter a 0 AND type a comment to indicated late or missing.

If an option could be added to designate teacher chosen letter codes as placeholders for grades that would save a lot of time.

For example-MIS could be a 0 and LAT would be 50% of the full grade.



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    Erik Neill

    Along with this assignments that have submissions enabled should not disappear off the students upcoming list until they have submitted something.

    As it stands when students miss deadlines the assignments disappear i into past assignments anyway.

    I would really love a way for me to make these missing assignments appear on the students upcoming feed preferably at the top in big red letters.

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    Mrs. Neill

    Yes please add these features. We can use them with our standard gradebook Renweb, but not schoology and we are pushing for just one platform.

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    Erika Bowen

    I would like this as well! If I enter a '0' in my gradebook with a comment, then when the student does submit, the grade will still stay a zero- there isn't anything to indicate that I need to grade that (because it came in late). This is especially an issues on "quiz" assignments.

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    Mr. Marquardt

    I agree. We need Late and Missing codes (or buttons), missed assignments remaining on 'Upcoming', and a notification of late submissions.

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