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Switch/move/transfer students


I have several of the same classes and students are REGULARLY 'switched' between them by the school. Schoology MUST add a feature that EASILY allows teachers to move (switch) students between classes.

This is a BASIC function for a gradebook. If it isn't built in, it needs to be the #1 priority for the development team.



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    Eric Hall

    Agreed! If course sections have the same materials the student work SHOULD transfer. The good news is that the student can be placed back into their previous section and the work is still there... we had to do this today to retrieve a quiz grade.

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    Alexander Kaplan

    So, can I switch students from one section to another? If so, how might I go about doing that?

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    Dave Ritzmann

    Yes, it also be very helpful to select students in one section/course and move/copy them to another course, or have the option of adding a student (say, a mid-year addition to the school) to multiple courses without having to use an import file.


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