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The ability to enter grades for assignments done 'outside' of Schoology within the Gradebook


We have many teachers who would like the ability to manually enter a grade for an assignment or quiz that they have done 'outside of Schoology' into the gradebook.  The suggestion is to have a button inside of gradebook that would simply allow that... the teacher the ability to add a graded assignment manually, that isn't tied to a test, quiz or assignment created inside of Schoology.  This is the only way the Gradebook can be fully functional.



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    Ms. Hearn

    I agree! I had one student who needed to work on paper for a while (shock!), but it was so cumbersome because I could not just 'tick' off indicating he had completed the assignment, or recording his grade. Please do this!!!

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    Teresa Minogue

    Agreed! This would be a great feature to add. The internet was down, so I had to give the old paper/pencil test.

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    Daniel Schaben

    Also agreed. Most math exams I give are paper pencil and I grade them by hand. Entering grades manually would be way better.

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    Kris Lurz (iTS)

    You can definitely do this!
    1. Go to your grade book within the course
    2. Select the icon that looks like three pieces of paper (directly to the left of the gear wheel).
    3. Click the down arrow and the bottom option is to "Add Grade Column"
    4. Name the Grade Column (the name of your 'outside' assignment, assign point value, category, scale.

    This will add a grading column that counts toward your final grade but WILL NOT be an assignment or test within Schoology NOR will it show up in the Calendar or Upcoming section (you will notice this is grey'd out when creating). This is ONLY to allow you to add a grade for teacher purposes or for something done 'outside of Schoology' as far as turning the assignment in. Again, the only downside is that it doesn't show up for the student in their upcoming calendar, but you could add as an event or assignment in the calendar and denote that it's pencil and paper and then add this grading column if you wish. Or, this is great for 'pop quizzes' or classroom work checks.

    It works great!

    Best of luck!

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