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Ability to house files within a course outside of a folder


Teachers would like to be able to host files in the top section of the course (not the materials index) that don't require them to put them in a folder.  i.e.:  Syllabus or other key documents... it would be nice to have them out and in the forefront, without students having to click down inside of folders to get key files.



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    Sora Kim Official comment

    Hi Everyone,

    We are actively working on revamping the materials page. We are removing the material index and replacing it with a material-type filter. You will also be able to add content directly to the material home page without having to put it to a folder. This feature will be available in July.


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    Ms. Hearn

    Agreed! Every once in a while, I would like something to really STAND out so that the students see it. This really can't happen as far as I can tell. Please add this feature!!!

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