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Easier student access to teacher feedback


As a math teacher, I have the students submit PDFs of their work in their Schoology assignments. I then write on the PDF with my iPad, and then submit the corrected document to Schoology. For the students to see the graded paper, they have to tap on the assignment, open their submission, and then show comments, and then open the attached file with my comments.

It would be great if the returned document was easily accessible to the students. Perhaps an update or notification that linked directly to the returned, graded document??



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    Anna Otto

    I think it could be easier to see teacher feedback in this use case as well. What if students could view the feedback through the "submissions" area directly, similar to the browser version? I envision seeing feedback docs returned by the teacher listed among the revisions.

    For example, from a student's view, after going to the "submissions" area, they might see something like:

    Revision 3

    Feedback from teacher 2.2

    Feedback from teacher 2.1

    Revision: 2

    Feedback from teacher 1.1

    Revision: 1

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    Dorian Wesley

    I just learned today that all the feedback I have been recording as videos on comments to their assignment submissions is practically inaccessible by my 1st grade students. To find it, they have to revisit assignments they've already done to check for it (they get a notification but it is text only - no link back to the assignment), then click their assignment submission and then they can see what I've commented. This process is overly complex. They should get a notification that they have received feedback with a hyperlink going straight to the comment posted by the teacher.

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