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Use letter codes in the grade field to 'easily' provide students with more info about the assignment grade.


What I'm looking for is the ability to place a letter code into the grade field for an individual student's assignment grade. The code lets the students know "why" they have a zero.

For example, when a student checks their grade report and they see a "0", all they know is they have a ZERO for that assignments. But, if a students sees a "M", they know the assignment is a ZERO because the assignment is missing.

So, if Schoology can add a "M" to that list you mentioned in the bubble (I & E) and make it equal "0", that would be GREAT!

It would be even better 'if' Schoology allowed teachers to create their own letter codes (much like the rubrics) and define their own values for use in their own gradebooks.

For Example: 

M (missing) = 0 

NS (not shared) = 0 

NL (not linked) = 0

etc.... This will let students and teachers know 'why' the student earned a "0".



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    Dr. Harrison

    It would be great if the grade book had the option to use the same codes PowerSchool has--for the schools using the PowerSchool integration app: collected, exempt, missing, and late.

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    Ms. Roche

    Ms. Harrison is absolutely on point!  

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    Christy Flack

    I would like to see this as well, but allowing us to determine what the codes mean such as a percent or a point value

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    Erica Ireland

    I would love the ability to mark assignments missing and late.

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    Mrs. Militello

    I would love to mark an assignment as absent, so families do not continue to receive notifications of a missing assignment

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