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Ability to edit your own comments


I would like to see the ability to edit the comments you post on Updates, Discussions, etc.



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    Mrs. B

    I may be confused, but doesn't this already exist (seems to be there for Updates at least)?

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    Sarah Belliveau (Ms. Belliveau)

    I don't think you can update posts in discussions?

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    Dan Gottlieb

    From a teacher in Massachusetts:

    "I recently discovered that students don't have the ability to revise/edit their own discussion posts once they have been published. This is probably a deal-breaker for us and, frankly, makes no sense pedagogically. The idea of students creating their own content as a way to practice their writing and communication skills is valued highly.

    I have had students participate in blog discussions (using WordPress) for at least 10 years. The revision process is a critical element of any writing assignment, and it is natural to assume that once you create something you should be able to go back and revise it.

    In the WordPress platform that I use, I can set user permissions. So students have the ability to go back and revise only their own blog posts and comments. I was, frankly, stunned to realize that this was not possible in Schoology.

    One solution is to make the students all administrators, but that has potentially terrible consequences."

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