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Ability to "Show Work" in math tests/quizzes


I would like to see a way to give quizzes where students can show their mathematical computations. My students use iPads, so they can handwrite and turn that into PDF, but there seems to be no way to paste or attach. Any ideas? Thanks!



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    Sarah Belliveau (Ms. Belliveau)

    I teach physics and this would also be a key feature that would allow me to use Schoology for assessments. 

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    Katie Ritter

    We use tablet PCs, adn students have the ability to write on screen with a stylus.  This would be very beneficial!

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    Tyson Poppleton (T-Pop)

    You can allow students in a short answer/essay question to have a rich-text answer. This allows them to attach media such as a picture.

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    Melissa Hamby

    Is there a better solution to this yet? I was hoping for a notepad keyboard add-on or something that would allow students to have a piece of scratch paper that they can include their work on. Although the attachment is an option, I planned on minimizing the opportunity to cheat on assessments by locking them into the Schoology app (we have iPads) which means pulling in a picture wouldn't work. 

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    Claire De Lacy

    Hi Melissa,

    As an Enterprise user, you can use the Highlight Image question type in Assessments: Highlight Image - Enhanced Question Type

    Students can use the highlight tool to draw out their math work and as the instructor, you will have the ability to playback the student's flow so you can see their thought process. 

    Math instructors often use this question type to help accomplish similar goals to yours. I hope this helps!


    Claire de Lacy
    Knowledge Management Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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