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Subtext App for Schoology


I'm wondering if Schoology will be utilizing the app subtext as Edmodo does. As an English teacher, subtext looks like an amazing tool, but I can't use it because all my students don't have access to iPads, but Edmodo allows use of subtext through its platform. Can Schoology gain access to this app as well, or create something similar?



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    Mr. Marquardt

    This would be awesome!

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    Nicole Jensen (Nik)

    This would be wonderful. I too am a Language Arts teacher, and this year I am the Technology Integration Specialist, and I'd love to get other teachers using Subtest in their teaching. Having it incorporated into Schoology would make that much easier for them.

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    Rita Cuevas

    I love Subtext, but unless you have a premium version, it doesn't matter if you are an Edmodo user or not, and the premium version is expensive, ridiculously expensive! I had to quit using it because I couldn't get all my students on it without being prompted to "buy."

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