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Ability to reorder assignments in the Gradebook


I would like a way to manually reorder assignments in the Gradebook, since my course does not have assignments with due-dates. I like to put assignments in the order they are completed.



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    Mrs. B

    This would be nice.

    But I have figured out that by labelling assignments/T/Q I can control how they appear in the grade book. Unit 1 assignments are 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 . . .

    I'm liking my gradebook much more this year than last year!


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    Mr. Benrud

    This is a must have feature

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    Mr. Crumbine

    A drag of the assignments such as we can do with items in a folder would be great.

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    Nadine Toma

    I searched for this exact topic: a need to reorder assignments within a course's gradebook and found this thread from 2013. Now, in 2016, I still see no solution. If anyone has discovered a way to do this, kindly post it. The suggestion to label assignments with numbers is a creative "fix" (thank you) but becomes tedious with multiple preps and new rosters every 10 weeks.

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    Ben Bohmfalk

    Hello Schoology? Anybody out there reading these 3-year old posts by one of your top employees? 

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    Anne DaLuga

    There is a solution that worked for me today but I discovered it on my own as Schoology hasn't addressed it in any threads.  

    I found that if you click and drag the icon next to the assignment/task I was able to reorder the list.

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    Paul Scavitto



    I would like this feature as well.  I would also like to change how Schoology puts the most recent assignment at the bottom of the huge list of assignments, links, and announcements and have new assignments appear at the top so it is the first thing the students see.


    Thank you.  

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    Barbara Cohen

    Yes please!! ASAP!

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    Melinda Belnap

    I'm VERY new to this website and ran into the same issue regarding reordering the assignments.  As our district is gearing up for online instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic, we've been instructed to organize lessons week to week as the situation is so fluid.  One of our directives was to make a week's assignments due all on the same day.

    All of the assignments and a quiz that I uploaded for the assigned week all have the same due date, but appear by last assignment first; ie, the quiz that I had uploaded last showed up first in the list of assignments. I tried the click and drag method to no avail--I must not have clicked on the correct icons...

    I tried an experiment and tweaked the ending time for each assignment, so that the first assignment is due at 10:59 PM of the due date; the second assignment is due at 11:15 PM of the due date, etc, down to the quiz, which will be due at 11:59 PM (default time) of the due date.

    The assignments now show up in the order that they should be completed.  If someone has a video clip of dragging and dropping, please share; thanks!

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