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Report for tests/quizzes with alignments


Love the new feature of adding alignment standards to assignments and test questions. Is there a way to generate a report which shows results per standar? For example, if you give a test which contains several different standards, can a report be generated so that the teacher can see which standards the student missed on that test?



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    Julie Yoon Official comment

    Hi everyone,

    We recently released a Mastery feature that allows teachers (and students) to track their mastery of learning outcomes, common core, and state standards.

    This feature is currently available for Enterprise clients. If you have an Enterprise account, you can learn more about the Mastery feature through the Help Center.

    If you don't currently have an Enterprise account, you can learn more about the Enterprise solution here:

    If you have any questions, please let me know!


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    Chip Chase

    I agree that the standard alignments of test questions are great, but without a way to generate a report showing progress, I won't be able to use this feature with teachers. We implement standards-based grading at our school, so while my teachers are excited to use Schoology to share course information, our reporting is being managed in a grading system better suited for standards-based grading ( Without a more robust standards-grading option, we will not get any functionality out of Schoology's gradebook.

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    we need this feature! It's going to make a difference with common core standards@

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    Ms. Fosland

    With districts requiring us to provide evidence that we are teaching the standards, it would be great if we could access a report of the standards that we've associated with our assignments, tests, and quizzes. If that report could provide a link to the assignments and quiz questions that are used for that standard, we could easily prove that we have covered a standard in a variety of ways in each class. We don't have standard's based grading, but we do need to be sure that everything is covered somewhere in our curriculum. Given I'm at a high school with a lot of electives, that is a very challenging task. Our current system is expensive and the result of hours and hours of work is a giant spreadsheet with very limited functionality. 

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    Renee Owen

    We do standards-based grading at my school. We use a software program called POINT that I really don't like to use because it is not user friendly for math people trying to create test questions. It does however allow me to see how a student did on each of the standards that I have aligned the questions to. It would be great if Schoology could do this so I could stop using POINT. I think I could get more teachers from my school on board as well.

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    Mr. Marquardt

    I just tested it out. It is a step in the right direction, but there seem to be 1 problem.
    You can correlate multiple standards to an assignment, but you cannot use a custom rubric.
    The result is that you must give 1 overall score that then feeds into all associated standards. Is there a way to fix this?

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