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Ability to see students and assignments in the Gradebook on a single page


Is it possible to get all students in a course on one page for the Gradebook? It would be easier to complete grading without having to click so much.



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    Julie Yoon Official comment

    Hi Everyone,

    The Gradebook Beta feature now allows you to view students and assignments on a single page! To learn more, find our blog post and Help Center documentation!

    The Schoology Team

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    Lewis Chappelear

    I think many teachers like me have over 40 students in a class. I use Schoology to make grading easier and allow me to actually teach, but having a separate page for half my students in each class actually doubles my grading time. Please allow us to only have one least for up to 50 student names.

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    Dr. Pfau

    A "see all" button would be great.  Very time consuming to have to go through multiple pages of students.  I have 96 students in my course.

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    Ms. Tunik

    Until they fix this, try this work around:

    Go to the particular ASSIGNMENT.  Use the yellow icon on the assignment; it shows all students in a scrolling list.  I never enter grades in the gradebook now, unless a single kid has a bunch of make up work across several categories. 

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