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Images in quizzes ?


I want to add images to my multiple choice options in a Schoology quiz. How do I do it?



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    Julie Yoon Official comment

    Hi Sean,

    When you're using a multiple choice test/quiz, for example, you should see a pencil icon appear on the right side of each answer choice when you hover in the field. This pencil icon opens a rich text editor that allows you to insert images in the answer choices. Does this solution work for you?



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    Sean Penney

    Yes! This works perfectly for images!

    I've even tried it with audio files and Schoology converts them to Flash files. For audio files, this is a good solution but not an ideal one. The Flash audio files work perfectly on a computer with Flash installed but anyone to gains access to Schoology with an iOS device i.e.. iPad or iPhone is out of luck (even using the Schoology app). I think for audio files, I'm better off using an <embed> html tag and leave the audio files as .m4a files.

    Keep up the good work!

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    Marci Karoll (Admin)

    It works great! Thanks!

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    Madame Moore

    My image is not on my computer.  It is in Google Drive, but I uploaded it to my Schoology resources but then could not find a way to embed in the multiple choice question.  So then I copied a link from Google Drive.  A place holder shows in the question bank (is there a preview button for how students will see it?) but when I click on it, it opens the image in a new tab.  How can I get the image in the question?

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    Philip Pulley Ed.D.

    Madame Moore,

    To do this in the actually question stem (not the answers) there doesn't seem to be an option to add a picture from resources other than to add it as a link. The same thing happens if you add your Google drive account to Schoology, you can import it but, it is also a link.

    To have the picture show up all the time, save a copy to your desktop and then:

    1. Go to the quiz test you want to modify (this is an example of a map quiz):

    2. Then click on the gear icon and select "Edit" this should take you to this:

    3. Then click on the insert media icon, then the "Image/Media" icon and navigate to the file:

    Then click "Attach File" and navigate to the save image and open.
    The result will be an image that is open all the time within the question.

    To put images in as answer choices, see Julie's post above.

    Edited by Philip Pulley Ed.D.
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