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Can my students print their quiz results?


I have surveyed my students and one of the major issues they have is that they would like to have a hard copy of the quiz they have answered so that they can revise from it. Is this possible?

I don't mean I want to print out a copy of the unanswered quiz, I want them to be able to print out a copy of their completed quiz, ideally showing the corrections.

Thank you



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    Julie Yoon Official comment

    Hi Reuban,

    Right now, there isn't a native way to print test results, but students can print the results by using the Print option available in the browser. Does this solution work for you?



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    Stephanie Bernthal

    Hi There.  Is there any way from the teacher side of Schoology to print a completed and graded test for a student?

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    Patricia Creveling

    This is a major issue for me as well.  Students with accommodations (i.e. IEPs) are allowed to make corrections to quizzes and retake them.  I need a way to print out a student's responses so that we can provide remediation.  Right now I am screen-shotting every question, for every kid (because I randomize the order of my questions, or choose from a question bank) and it is taking forever!

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    Patricia Creveling

    I finally found a way to print a student's quiz/test results!  First, if you use a LockDown Browser, make sure it is turned off.  Then, in the quiz/test settings, make sure you have chosen "View Submissions:  Yes".

    Go to Course Options (under your photo) and choose "View Course As."  Then choose the student.  While impersonating that student, go to the quiz/test that you want to see and click "View Assessment" - you will see the quiz/test questions and the student's answers.  Now go to "File" in your Browser and choose "Print"  (I use Firefox).  This has made remediation so much easier!

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    Charles Black

    Hi Patricia,

    Thank you SO much for sharing this innovative workaround for printing student quiz results, nice work!

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