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How do I delete an event in the Calendar in schoology?


I need to know how to delete an event in my calendar.



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    Julie Yoon Official comment

    Hi Ryan,

    Events can be deleted from any area in which they appear in Schoology (Home Page, Course Profile, Group Profile, etc.). 

    To delete an event, follow these steps:

    From the Home Page or the Calendar Pop-Up in a Course or Group

    1. Select the Calendar area in the left column of your Home Page, or the Calendar Icon next to Upcoming on the right side of your screen in a Course or Group.
    2. Click on the event you'd like to delete.
    3. In the corresponding pop-up, choose View Item.
    4. From the event's profile page, use the gear drop-down to choose Delete.
    5. After confirming the deletion, your event will be deleted.\

    You might also find this Help Center article to be helpful:

    How do I use the Calendar?




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    Leah Partridge

    I have read these instructions, but I was wondering if there might be a future opportunity to be able to delete right from the calendar page. It's a lot of clicks to delete events.

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    M. Pichette

    I agree.  How do I delete 100 events from a course when an import goes wrong?

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