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How can I share a folder (with automatic updates).


I like to share a folder (with automatic updates) with my students so that I do not have to manually assign new files added to folder to student folders.



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    Julie Yoon Official comment

    Hi Mr. Takou,

    This is an interesting idea and I'd like to learn more about how you'd like to see this kind of feature in Schoology. For example, are you looking for a way for folders in your personal Resource folders to automatically update the same folder in your courses?



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    Nathan Adam

    Use Make a folder on your computer inside dropbox, right click the folder and choose "share link". Then simply paste that link into a Link or Page in schoology. When the student clicks it they'll be taken to a web interface for the dropbox folder. They cannot add anything to it, but anything you put in that particular folder on your computer will be magically available to them. I never have to update links on schoology anymore, just copy the pages/links to a new semester.

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    Giulio Sant

    I wish it were possible to have exactly the feature Julie describes!

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    This is exactly what I would like to see.  I'm going to try Nathan's suggestion, but I've had some issues with students not being able to open Dropbox links because of filters in the school server (or something like that).  Anyway, what I would use it for is to update daily lesson plan/agenda.  For example, I create a new PP everyday with the Essential questions, homework, agenda.  It's not all that hard because usually I'm "saving as" from the day before.  I would like to be able to upload that to the folder in the Resources and then have that populate in the class.....I don't think it can happen that way now. 

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