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How to remove wrong child from parent account?


I have a parent who used an incorrect code and now has the wrong child linked to their account. How do they remove that child?



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    Julie Yoon Official comment

    Hi Ms. Marr,

    In this case, the best and fastest solution is for the parent to delete his/her account and create a new account using the correct access code. Does this solution work for you?



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    Keith Williams

    Is this the only solution, Julie? I have a similar situation and then the parent would have to get all of the access codes for the rest of their children to start over.

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    Amy Schmid

    I have the same problem, teacher gave me wrong code so now I see someone else s child. How can I delete 1 child? if only way is to delete account and start over please give instructions on how to do that -I could not find that either.

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    Mr. Rich

    You may have to reach out to your school's administration to do this for you.  I'm the main admin for our school, and when I go to Manage Users > Parents/Advisors, I can search for a student, then click the x beside his/her parent's name to remove them from the account.  It may seem backward, but it works!  You can even send them this message so they know how to get there. :)

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    Student Support

    This is ridiculous. There should be a way to just delete a child from a parent account. The parent and the teacher should have this ability.

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