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Partial Credit vs Weighted Answers in Quiz Questions


I see the partial credit option for quiz questions. I'm guessing it goes something like this: check two correct answers when setting up and therefore students would need to select both answers to get full credit. Is it possible to have weighted answers? i.e.

Answer A = 100%

Answer B  = 75% (is wrong but close)

Answer C = 50% 

Answer D = 0%

If not, I'll submit to feature request section. Although I didn't use it a lot, it was a feature in Moodle I really liked when I did use it :-/




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    Julie Yoon Official comment

    Hi Mr. VanScoyoc,

    While this feature isn't currently available on Schoology, I encourage you to add your feedback to our Community Feature Requests Forum so that other users can search for your idea and "like" it!

    You can find the Community Feature Requests forum here:



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    Paul Olson

    This would be great to add to fill in the blank.

    For example if a student fills in Answer A, the score would be 100%, but if the student fills in Answer B, the score would be 50%.

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