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how do you rename a course?


i want to rename the course to better describe the particular class.



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    Julie Yoon Official comment

    Hi Bryan,

    You can rename your course from the My Courses area of your account. To find your courses, click on the Courses dropdown at the top of your Schoology account and click on the See All button.

    Once you see your My Courses area, click on the pencil icon to the right of the course whose name you'd like to change!



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    Karen Franklin

    Will changing the name break the link to our database of students so that if new students are added, they would not be added to my course?

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    Charles Black

    Hi Karen,

    As an Enterprise Schoology user, we recommend that you contact your discuss your options for changing course names with your Schoology Support Contact. You can find your Support Contact by clicking the question mark icon in Schoology (?). Your Support Contact can then be messaged directly within Schoology with your request.

    If you are unable to contact someone at your school regarding your request, please let us know and we will reach out to them on your behalf.

    Thank you!

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