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Is there a way to see one individual's test?


I'm trying to look at one students test answers.  I know there is the option to "view by questions"  and then "view responses."  But this means to look at ONE students results, I have to sift through 35 questions with 30 students.  I just want to see one student's answers for every question without having to see all the other students at the same time. 


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    Julie Yoon Official comment

    Hi Tracy,

    Have you tried using "View by Student" in the Results area of the test/quiz? In the "View by Student" view, which is located next to "View by Question," you can click on the "View Attempts" link for the student whose submission you'd like to see. Then, in the next screen, you can click on the gear to the right of each submission to view the student's responses.

    Is this the area of Schoology you'd been looking for?



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