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Re-Submitting work in the drop box


It would be great if there was an indicator to let us know when an assignment has been re-submitted (after a grade has been entered). Right now you have to click on individual students submissions to see if they may have re-submitted something. Maybe something like a "needs re-grading" like the "needs grading". It would also be great if we can see both submissions. Once a student resubmits something then I can't go back and look at the first to see what was changed.



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    Jonathan Lyons Official comment


    We have released an update that will send a reminder when an assignment is resubmitted.

    EDIT: This update has been temporarily reverted. We will add a notification here as soon as the feature has been re-enabled.

    EDIT 2: This feature has been re-enabled. If you encounter any issues using the new feature, please let us know by clicking 'Submit a Request' near the top-right of this page.


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    Ms Massie

    I have the same problem. With essays I encourage re-writing, but once I put a grade in, Schoology won't alert me of any future submission. I have to go through all four courses student by student. Time consuming!

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